What is Wet Shaving?

Quite simply, it means shaving with water. For a traditional wet shave, you'll want to use a shaving soap or a cream. Traditionally this involves a single blade like a safety razor or straight razor. With a shave soap like Sir Henry's, a shaving brush is needed. Sir Henry's works well with straight, safety, or cartridge razors.

Is it Safe for My Skin?

Wet shaving with a single blade is known to reduce the problem of ingrown hairs. Sir Henry's Shave Soap and Balm contain natural oils, fats, and essential oils. There are no fragrance oil or synthetics that can be a problem for some people. If you have VERY high sensitivity, we offer an unscented shaving soap.

How do I Use the Soap?

There are two techniques you can use:

Bowl Lathering - Take a small amount (or the whole puck) of Sir Henry's and place it in a bowl or mug. Wet your brush, shake out excess water. Swirl the brush on the soap and watch the magic begin. You'll want to build the lather into a dense, thick consistency. If it seems to not lather up and gets "sticky", add a little more water until it builds up. Repeat if needed. If the lather is bubbly and looks like what you wash dishes in, it's too thin. Just keep swirling! You'll eventually use up the excess water and get to the desired thick, rich lather Sir Henry's is known for.

Face Lathering - Sir Henry's comes in a slightly over size container that makes this technique easy without the use of a bowl or mug. Wet your brush and shake out excess water. Swirl your brush on the soap with a little pressure to "load up" the brush. If it feels a little "sticky" that's ok. Once you've loaded up, wet your skin or give the tips of your brush a little dip in your sink. Then you'll want to swirl or "paint" on your face to build up the lather to the desired thickness.

When You're Done - Rinse your brush and squeeze out excess water. Leave your Sir Henry's to dry "open air". Sir Henry's is a harder soap, so it will last you a long time.

Are Your Products Just for Men?

Absolutely not! Sir Henry's has a pleasant, gender neutral scent. The three main scent notes are Lavendar, Vanilla, and Sandalwood. Both men and women enjoy both Sir Henry's Shave Soap and Balm. Our Citrus scent, An Affair, has also been a hit with the ladies.

Where are Your Products Made?

Sir Henry's/BTRC products are made in the USA. Specifically, in St. Louis, Missouri by folks that are passionate about transforming your shave routine into an anticipated ritual.