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No. 13 Premium Shaving Soap

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Our original soap. We call it No. 13. You will call it awesome! 

Do not be swayed by the lack of scent! This is not your normal unscented soap (although it does stand alone fine if you prefer unscented soaps)

3 oz.

Scent it yourself, here's how it works:

1. Throw in 4-5 drops of our scent/shave oil (More for a more robust scent)

2. Lather up

3. Enjoy the shave!

Check out the review by Matt at

note: our soap performs best when lathered with a brush


Reviews (2)

L.Clint Oct 3rd 2017

No13 Shave soap

Simply just fantastic, No13 lathers up easily especially with my synthetic brush. I found it has great cushioning & slickness was spot on for my face. Now although unscented(for a good reason) it does have a slight earthy smell but thats when the scent oil then comes in. You add 4 drops to the soap & it comes life again slickness, cushioning is increased (but not to much) & you get a great sheen from the lather. I tried different ways to lather No13. I put the drops on the soap & loaded the brush it works great & smells good. I also put the scent oil on my face & then lathered my face, again great lather but the scent wasn't as strong. But by far the best way for me was to scrap a thin layer into a bowl add the drops & then with a wet (not to wet) brush create your lather & the magic happens, This way for me was by far the best lather & the scent was strong no matter what scent oil you use. This soap is very good value for money as it is harder than most soaps & yet it lathers easily, so will last a long time. I also like the packaging very much, its simple yet effective & the size of the tub is spot on. Highly recommend.

GG May 20th 2016

Great soap!

I really enjoyed this soap. Today I used it totally "unscented," so the only scent was the very lightly natural sweet-earthy scent that all tallow soaps have. This really allowed my aftershave and cologne to shine on their own. Admittedly, some slickness was lost by not having the shave oil element, but that completely makes sense. Of course it doesn't hurt that this was STILL some of the slickest lather I've found. All in all, a wonderful soap. Check out Gentlemens.Gear on Instagram for this and other reviews!

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