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No. 13 Soap & Shave Oil Combo - SHIPS FREE!

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Combine our No. 13 shave soap with your choice of our scented or unscented shave oil and you have a power combo. Take control of your shave by controlling your scent. A few drops (or a lot of drops) on your No.13 soap and you are good to go. This unique way to uber lather your soap adds slickness AND scent.

Scent Description:

An Affair

Slightly woodsy base, a pleasant vanilla middle with a citrus top note

Lil bit o'Texas

Warm woodsy scent reminiscent of a crisp fall night snuggling up to your honey by a roaring fire. Masculine, yet subtle.

Steppin' Out

The elegant light note, complex with nuances of fruit and aromatic elements of Bergamot perfectly balanced with the exotic, warm, intoxicating, and sensually rich Jasmine. Perfect for a night on the town.

El Hefe

Spicy Musk base note with Cuban cigar overtones

Casino Royale

Our take on the classic Fougere scent. With hints of Lavender, Oakmoss, Bergamot, and Vanilla


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