Post-Shave Balm - Casino Royale

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Our take on the classic Fougere scent. With hints of Lavender, Oakmoss, Bergamot, and Vanilla - this scent is always a winner! Protect, moisturize, and extend that great Casino Royale shave with this matching post-shave balm. Features Thayer's Witch Hazel, a great natural product for the skin. Heck, use it all over to moisturize your dry skin.


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L.Clint Oct 3rd 2017

Shave Balm

Casino Royale balm is my favourite scent. You don't need a aftershave with this balm the scent is strong & last for hours. The balm is great it feels thick & greasy at first but, as soon as you put it on your face, it cools your skin while at the same time you can feel it moisturize your skin. After about a minute once your face has absorbed the balm my skin felt smooth & fresh. This is also good value for the money as you get a good size tub(nice & simple design which works well) & due to the texture of the balm you really don't need to use a lot. This is a great shave balm.

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