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Silver Tip Badger Brush

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Silver Tip Badger Brush w/black handle

  • 48mm handle
  • 24mm knot
  • 56mm loft

Note: This brush is made from animal hair, it is normal for it to smell funky when new - see the NEW BRUSH TIPS for remedies


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CJ Jones Jul 3rd 2017

On Par with the far more expensive Parker Brushes

I've been looking for a more densely packed Silvertip Badger brush for shaving. I use the "high end" Parker brush currently and while I love the brush, I want a more dense bristle set. On a suggestion I tried out this brush. It is slightly smaller than my current parker, but does feel to be on par if not ever so slightly denser (in number of bristles) than my parker, and the price is roughly half that of the Parker I purchased... For those wanting to move to badger brushes, I cannot imagine why you wouldn't try this one for the price. Performance was very good, lathers like all good Silvertip badger brushes... This is a 5 star for the price.

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