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Our Value Kit includes:

The scent shipped will be our current scent of the quarter. We recommend the Blade Sampler for beginners so you can determine which blade works best for you. We also recommend a CLOSED comb head for beginner safety razor shavers. You can sign up for our subscription and not ever run out of BTRC supplies.

You can even customize the kit by changing the options above.

Save $$$ when purchased as a kit versus purchasing items individually.

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Doc Obermeyer Jul 9th 2016

Great stuff!

Good morning! I wanted to write a quick review of BTRC soap and all. Let me first say that over the years I have used soap and razor, electric razor and the disposable razor w shaving cream. When BTRC started I said heck I'll give it a try. I have shaved for years in the shower with a disposable and never felt that I was getting a close shave. So when one of the owners said just try and tell me if you aren't getting a close shave or are unhappy. So I did and here goes. First of all, I ordered a starter kit. It came with a brush, razor, soap, bowl, shave oil and a variety of razors. Wow it was like Christmas. I set up the razor with a blade the owner recommended and put the soap in the bowl and fired up the hot water. I found it rather easy to create a nice thick soap. I should mention that this is a bit of an art and I keep getting better at it with every shave. The razor itself is weighted right and feels solid while using. The oil has a pleasant scent, and I am excited to see what new scents come along. Now, the shave was good the first time. Human error! I have since gotten much much better and do now find the shave close, smooth and amazing. I also shave more often as I look forward to it. So I am super happy I tried and look forward to years of using the soap. Many thanks.

Jun 19th 2016

It's never to late to start using this product

After 20+ years of using the commercialized products pushed to us consumers, I was introduced to the Black Tie Razor company. It's been close to two weeks since the first use, not without some minor issues caused by user errors (read me), but the question I asked myself was, why did I wait this long? The kit have what you need, with a good selection of different blades. I kind of favor the Russian blades at the moment after trying the Egyptian ones as well. The short handle fits great in my hand even when wet and foamy. The soap and oil works beautifully on sensitive skin with no irritation and no "coating" on the skin afterwards. It's at least for now a 10-15 minutes task, but one of those you kind of look forward to, it's fun, and since very few things in the world require a fast shave to be able to watch more tv, this is a great tool to be able to spend time grooming yourself and actually pay attention to the task in hand! Really enjoy the kit which have what you need to start having fun at a very reasonable cost. And, I might be hallucinating, but I can go one more day in between shaves with this product!

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